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Available modules by category:


Name Purpose
Directory creates directories, removes them, and modifies metadata
File copies files, changes modes, renders templates, deletes files, slices, dices
Group manages user groups
Package installs, removes, and upgrades packages
Service starts/stops and enables/disables services
Shell runs arbitrary shell commands, with feeling
User manages user accounts


Name Purpose
Asserts fails policy application when certain conditions are not true
Debug shows the values of lots of variables at once
DebugFacts shows the values of lots of variables at once
Echo prints strings and status to the user
Set adds variables into the OpsMop namespace
Stop stop aborts an execution, sharing a specific message

Something Missing ?

No doubt there is. If you don’t see what you want yet? Opsmop is very new and modules and capabilities are being added all the time!. Your needs matter to us. Think there should be a new module, a new parameter, or want to help build a new provider? You are welcome to stop by the Forum.