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The simplest way to use OpsMop to use is with the local command line. Soon there will also be Pull Mode and Push Mode modes.

Opsmop uses policy files written in a pure-Python DSL. The command line simply loads a policy file and runs it.

See Language for more about the contents of those files.

Check Mode

Check mode runs a policy and reports on actions that should be changed, but does not make any changes (use Apply Mode to make changes). This is often called a ‘dry-run’ mode, and dry-run support is a first-class citizen of OpsMop:

cd opsmop-demo/content
python3 hello.py --check --local

Validate Mode

To just look for missing files and bad parameters, without running the full check mode, you can also run:

cd opsmop-demo/content
python3 hello.py --validate --local

Apply Mode

Apply mode runs a policy, plans what changes are needed, and also runs the policy:

cd opsmop-demo/content
python3 hello.py --apply --local

Additional Arguments

For --tags, see Tags

Next Steps

See Language