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The purpose of the OpsMop community is to come together to build the ultimate configuration system we all want to use. We love to hear use cases, stories, challenges, and ideas and learn from everyone’s experiences.

Code contributions are always welcome, but never required.


The official Opsmop discussion form is hosted at talk.msphere.io. The purpose of the forum is to get help, ask questions, post ideas, coordinate development, and brainstorm features.

In respect of worldwide time zones and the nature of software development, there is no official realtime chat channel. While we welcome sharing on site like StackOverflow or Reddit, we are unlikely to see your posts. The official forum will always be the best place to get help.


OpsMop lives on GitHub here.

Code contributions are very welcome! To submit a pull request to the master branch after reading Development Guide. Often it may be best to discuss a development idea on the forum before contributing to avoid duplicate efforts.

Of course not all contributions are code. We’re also quite welcome to have documentation improvements. The documentation source lives in the ‘docs/source’ folder of the main repo, except for module docs, which are auto-generated from content in the opsmop-demo repo. We’re also of course very appreciative of bug reports and helping other users with questions.

Bugs should also be filed directly in GitHub, but if you would like some help or want to discuss a bug more widely, the forum is fine for that too. If you have a question such as ‘how do I do X?’ that’s a better topic for the forum versus a github ticket, and more people will be able to help.

What about feature requests? We don’t track feature requests in GitHub because it is often viewed as mean-spirited to close them and sometimes opinions change, and closing something doesn’t mean we might not want to do something later. Please feel free to talk about ideas on the Forum, and start a new thread for any idea that you like!

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